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SMI Demolition, Inc. has over 25 years experience
Removing and safely disposing of building contaminants, making the buildings we work on both safe and habitable. Located in Norwood, Massachusetts, SMI started life as a small start up operation and continues to provide personal service today. Darrell Maclean, President, originally focused on removing asbestos from large buildings. As their expertise grew and their reputation became known as a company that performed excellent work, on time and on budget, SMI rapidly expanded their activities across a wider geography. It wasn’t long before they were asked to remove other contaminants, such as lead, mercury, refrigerants, and even guano.

With a broad range of capabilities relating to the safe removal of such contaminants and their safe disposal, SMI also became expert at solving mold problems in buildings, particularly after floods or roofing problems causing leaks. Southern Middlesex Industries has grown from strength to strength and is now one of the pre-eminent asbestos abatement companies in the New England area offering their services to both small and large establishments, from Watertown High School in Watertown, Cambridge Ringe and Latin School in Cambridge, MA, and complex Industrial projects to delicate occupied Hospital projects, SMI has the breadth and depth of expertise to help you restore your building to its former glory. Sometimes partnering with other well-established and reputable contractors in the New England area, SMI now offers full demolition and general contracting services to its service repertoire so clients can benefit from one stop shopping to acquire their building renovation service needs.

Charles Smith

SMI Managment

Charles Smith, has served as Vice President at Southern Middlesex Industries, Inc., (SMI), where he has worked for over 20 years.  Mr. Smith started his career in the construction industry working for his family owned business and tackled a wide range of projects from bridge repair to house development, refurbishing of schools, and HAZMAT remediation.

He quickly became the go to guy for HAZMAT, which proved to be prophetic for the future.  After meeting Darrell Maclean, Charles and Darrell rapidly became friends, confidants and eventually partners in a new enterprise, SMI, which focused on asbestos abatement. Removing asbestos from old buildings had become a very specialized and much needed service to the construction industry and to building owners. Charles and Darrell are a formidable team; Charles providing the HAZMAT experience and a smooth, assertive touch and Darrell providing the business understanding and drive. Together they rapidly expanded the services offered by SMI and have grown the company to one of the premier Asbestos Abatement firms in New England, known for their dedication, commitment and finishing a job on time and on budget.

Throughout the years, Mr. Smith has continued to attend classes for keeping up with the evolving changing environmental concerns, which are plaguing our state and has acquired all the necessary licenses, to effectively handle any environmental remediation concerns.

Both partners are driven individuals that believe in hard work and family. A 5:00 am start for Charles is not unusual, with workdays extending to 14-15 hours, but he is also a dedicated family man and a pillar of his local community. Mr. Smith is married with two daughters and twin sons and lives in a small town, South of Boston Massachusetts.

In his spare time, He coaches both football and basketball and is affectionately referred to as “Coach Smitty” to his wards and their parents. Never an unkind word, Coach Smitty is known for his tireless hours of devotion to the boys in the town.


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Charles Smith, President SMI Demolition

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