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SMI Services

Asbestos Abatement


Buildings containing suspected asbestos materials are our forte.

Southern Middlesex Industries prides itself on quickly establishing the type of asbestos used in your building ensuring it is properly screened off from existing work activities, and then quickly and safely removing and disposing of the material according to state regulations.

Building Demolition


SMI offers a full range of demolition services with the capability to handle large and small jobs. We have the equipment for large-scale concrete cutting, crushing and separating as well as steel cutting and specialized dismantling equipment.

SMI has experience ranging from small-scale interior and exterior demolition to large scale leveling of building complexes. This is particularly important when demolishing an older building as many contaminants can be present.

PCB Remediation


PCBs are broadly used as coolants and refrigerants today, as well as insulating fluids in transformers, vacuum pump fluids and in capacitors.

All lighting fixtures should be checked prior to disposal for PCB ballasts.

Selective Interior Demolition


This specialized service is provided to clients who have a structurally sound building and do not want to demolish the building but provide new space in certain areas, or the entire area, of the building.

Selective Interior Demolition consists of removing ceiling and floor finishes to a full gutting of everything including mechanical, electrical, plumbing, interior walls, elevators, windows, except the outer skin of the building.

General Contracting


Southern Middlesex Industries can provide general contracting services for both small and large projects.

Providing the overall project management, the removal of any high risk building materials and contaminants as well as bringing in reputable contractor partners that we work with on a regular basis to complete the job on time and on budget.

Mold Remediation


Often associated with a catastrophic event such as flooding or roof leaks, you can count on SMI to be there to help you clean up and remove the danger of mold build up.

If you have an existing mold problem, the dangers to the building occupants or workmen should not be underplayed. Mold and mold spores can cause serious respiratory problems in some individuals.

Hazmat / Universal Waste Removal


Most buildings in America have some heavy metal contamination due to its use in a variety of building materials. Lead is one of the biggest problems, found in paints, floorings, wall coverings and other materials. 

Mercury is also a dangerous material found in a variety of building products, including fluorescent lights, switches and thermostats.

Before demolishing a building or initiating a major reconstruction, contact Southern Middlesex Industries to remove all of the heavy metal risks in your building and ensure the safety of your workmen and the building occupants.

Lead Abatement


Coming Soon...

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