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SMI Guarantee

It is of paramount importance to us at SMI, that you, our client, is assured of the quality of services we provide. We want you to be satisfied and sure that our work has been of the highest standard and in compliance with all the applicable regulations in your state.  It is for this reason that we offer you the SMI Guarantee.

The SMI Guarantee:

  • SMI guarantees that all the contaminating materials have been safely removed and disposed of according to government regulations.
  • SMI guarantees that all necessary protections were in place during the removal of the contaminating materials so your workforce safety is assured.
  • SMI guarantees that the building area in which we conducted the work specified is free of contaminant materials and exposure risks from the materials that were removed.
  • SMI guarantees prompt service and to address concerns within 24hrs.


With the SMI Guarantee, you can be assured that work completed has been performed correctly and in full compliance with all applicable regulations, providing you, the occupants of the building, with the knowledge that they are safe from contaminant material exposure and the assurance of the future safety of the building.

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